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How to use the Transformika Cards?

Transformika Cards are a tool that aims to strengthen your ability to make the best choices, turn them into goals and commit to achieving them. There is no right or wrong answer, action or choice. Each person is unique and is the one who knows best what is the most appropriate response, action or direction at any given moment and situation.

The Transformika set contains 32 cards with systematised questions on professional or life themes (to see the topics, go to the images). The cards are mini-sessions with questions that are meant to make it easier for you to move forward to your goals and / or desires. Each card has one main question and 10 subsequent questions. The questions are divided into three main parts:

1. Exploration - includes the leading question and the subsequent mostly four questions. They aim to explore the topic, the problem or the challenge. To make sure this is the exact topic you are to work with (you might think your topic is "Time Management," and it may be "Inability to focus" or "Lack of motivation", or perhaps all three). The first part takes care of exploring what you have done or have not done so far and what happens or not in your life. Only when you know in detail what you are dealing with and you are dealing with the right topic, you will be able to move forward.

2. Generating Ideas (Brainstorming) - this is the part of generating ideas, solutions and opportunities for moving in the desired direction (most often question 5). If you have dealt with the first part of the questions, it is very likely that your brain has unconsciously started generating ideas and solution. Sometimes, however, more help is needed. This is the reason to create the two Joker cards. They contain over 20 special questions designed to help you generate unexpected ideas that may reveal new perspectives and spark the solution you are looking for.

Brainstorming has rules that are essential. Here are the most important:

  • DO NOT judge or censor your ideas while generating them - simply write them down. Perhaps the most foolish idea is to become a spark for a new unexpected solution. In the 1980s, Sony focused on how to improve their massive cassette recorders, which used many batteries and were very heavy to carry around. During brainstorming, an engineer had the idea to remove the speakers as they used the most power and were the heaviest. At first, it may have sounded foolish, but it was this idea that sparked the invention of Walkman, which for decades had been a market leader.

  • When generating ideas, there must be a time limit (for example, 20 ideas in 5 minutes). The brain functions much better when it is restricted.

  • Generate ideas, standing up - this also stimulates creativity.

3. Step forward and commitment - this is the most practical and action-oriented part. When you have generated good ideas, with the last (most often 4-5) questions, we limit the process to a workable plan or at least the first step you will take in the desired direction. That is why each cards ends with a choice of concrete first step of action and deadline for implementation.

Each card sets the beginning of the transformation process. Transformation is a process, not just a one-time action. When reaching what you are aiming for, you may need to re-define or work with additional cards for a maximum outcome.



How to use your Transformika set individually?

The most important part when working individually is to answer to the questions in a written format and to be maximally honest. If you just do the questions reading & answering - your mind will trick you that you already know everything (which is true) and you most probably will not be able to generate ideas and commit to an action. Another great advantage to writing is that when putting a problem or an issue on paper, we can look at it from another angle as well as it has a liberating effect.

  • You already have a certain topic

If you already have a certain topic you want to work on - just look it up in the cards content and start working on it following the order of the questions.

  • You do not have an exact topic to work on

If you do not have a topic at the moment but you still want to work with the coaching cards, you can just randomly choose one card and work with it.


How to use your Transformika set with a partner?

Your partner can be your coach, mentor, your partner or a friend. It is equally important to be honest when answering the questions on a card. Your partner is your mirror. He or she can ask you additional questions if you agree on that.

If you are the person asking the questions and you want to ask additional questions, there is one very important rule - to only ask open questions that start with: Who, How, When, Which, Where and What.

Avoid asking the Why question if you are not a professional - it may arise some defenses in the questioned person. For example: “Why did you do it?” makes people offensive so you can ask “What made you do it?” - it feels less guilty.

How to choose your topic - the same as you are working individually is valid - you either pick the one that is bothering you at the moment or you go for a random pick.


How to use your Transformika set in a team?

When using the Transformika Cards in a team, there are varieties of ways to do it. First, you need to decide if you want the team to work individually or together. If you decide for the team to work individually - you can give the same topic from the Transformika Cards to each member of the team. You set a time (when working individually about 30 minutes is enough to do the card) and ask each member to answer the questions in writing. When they are ready, start a discussion on the results that have come out.

If you decide for the team (group) to work together - you will become the moderator (or you can appoint someone). You will read (ask) the questions from the card and the team will elaborate on them. Here are two possibilities:

  • You start a discussion on each question and each member can answer each question and share their idea and point, which is great for team-members to get on the same page, share your expectations, worries and ideas.


  • You pick (go clockwise) one person to answer each question. Then the next team-member answering the following question needs to follow the logic of the previous answer. It is great for empathy and understanding of others as well as for generating creative solutions.

    To choose a topic - you can again either introduce a topic you think the team (group) needs to work on or you can let them pick 3-5 cards and then ask them to vote on which topic they to work.

    If the Team (group) is big, you can divide them into smaller groups, give them the same topic and at the end invite each group the present the results they have come to.


Why does Coaching works?

  • It is basically applied psychology

  • It chunks down big issues into manageable steps

  • It is result oriented towards conscious goal commitment

  • It is focused on where you want to get and how to get there

  • It helps clarifying challenges and reveals blind-spots

  • It provides you with a tool to get your life into the desired direction


Who are the Coaching Cards for?

Anyone who is interested in personal development. They can be used for individual exploration, business teams, group work and professional utilisation in the fields of Life & Executive coaching, psychology, management, leadership, HR and training. Transformika Cards assist in starting meaningful conversations and tackle significant issues in an effective and non-confrontational manner.  


Is previous experience necessary to use the cards?

Transformika Coaching Cards come with clear instructions on how to be used - it is very simple and transparent. No previous experience or special qualifications are required to use the cards. Sure, it is an advantage if you have previously been engaged into self-exploration and development, but it is not a must.

Are the Transformika Cards a substitute for having a Coach?

No. The Transformika Cards and having a coach are not mutually excluding. The opposite is true - having the Transformika Cards and working with a coach can speed-up and excel the desired results of the process.


How do I use the Joker cards?

Once you spend time exploring (up to the 5th question on each map) the challenge that you have taken - you are ready to generate ideas for solving it. Sometimes, however, it is quite normal to block and you cannot generate ideas. Then the Joker comes to help. The questions in the Joker cards are condition questions. They put your imagination under a certain condition that helps him to come up with new, creative ideas.

The Joker cards enhance creativity and provoke new perspectives. Take one or both Jokers and start answering the questions to help generate ideas. The questions on the Joker cards can be answered in succession; you can choose which questions to answer; you can decide to answer only 5 questions, 10 questions or all of them.

The goal is to be satisfied with the amount of ideas you generate with the Jokers.



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