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Hidden resources and real-life superpowers

Iana Avramova


After more than 5 years, two pregnancies, 2 lovely boys, 2 under-construction start-ups, and juggling between being “the best possible” mother, wife, daughter, friend, colleague, neighbor, relative, acquaintance and who knows what more, it all started to come in place and me having time for my Coaching that I love. 

Still, “life is what happens to you, while making other plans” and one ordinary Thursday evening my 2 years old son got a very high fever, which was not happening for the first time but for the first time he got a febrile seizure. He was unresponsive, shaking and fast he got stiff, his eyes came out staring blankly at me and he became blue – he was not breathing for some time. 

I was perplexed, scared, confused and thinking I cannot handle it till help arrives. Then I thought I am not strong to handle it while riding in the ambulance. And more, when they told us he will probably be getting more of these fibril seizures, I was sure I will not survive another one.

Every time, I thought I cannot continue any longer - I did go on and on and on and on. Surely, a lot of my energy is completely drained. The point is that I survived – I did not fall apart, did not get crazy. And I am absolutely as ordinary as anyone. I have spoken with people from different cultures, background, ages and gender, that have been through even harder and scarier situations. What they all shared is that whenever they thought they cannot go any further, they actually did. Like some magical superpowers were helping them to continue one step further. 

Obviously there lie some superpowers within each one of us, some hidden resource that is revealed in tough situations. Powers that help us stand up to our worst fears and experiences and not give up. And this is widely known and historically proved.

But I found that we do not have to wait for something terrible to happen in order to release these powers – we can work on a daily base to enable the hidden potential within us, to train it and to use it.

For me what has done it and still does it is Coaching and Self-Coaching. It is no miracle – it is a process, like learning to read or play an instrument. It requires to dedicate time, effort, consistency, patience and most of all BELIEF. Belief that the efforts each one of us does will definitely impact our lives in a positive manner.  

I DO BELIEVE. I believe that as humans, we are special and possess much more than what we use in our daily life. My passion and desire are to release this potential for myself and my close ones as well as to facilitate anybody who is eager to invest into their well-being and happiness. Understanding that we all are and have much more abilities than we think we do is the key to success. So, let’s cultivate this strength in a not abusive, smooth and friendly environment. I am sure it is possible and I have chosen to pursue Coaching and Self-Coaching in order to be the best I can be!

Author: Iana Avramova