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Transformika Coaching Cards – the magic of powerful questions

Iana Avramova


Asking questions is what our brains are born to do. For young children, the search for explanations is so deeply ingrained and it is as natural as the demand for food or water. Asking the right questions is the base, the source, the art of all knowledge and success. Questions are an extremely powerful tool that helps organize our thoughts, feelings and priorities. 

But what happens in our reality? Most of us act as being hit by amnesia – we know our names, addresses, professions but we do not know who we are, how to live our life and the purpose we are here. We continuously struggle finding our identity and developing potential for success and well-being. 

The cause it deeply rooted into the educational system and the fact that we all live in societies. It is proven that by the age of 12 children lose their creativity and natural ability to ask questions and be curious about life. This is replaced by stereotypes and patterns – we learn not to question authorities (parents, teachers, senior pairs, bosses and politicians), we are told what is right and what is wrong; what is good and what is bad.

How can we cure it? The starting point and the most important step is to start again asking ourselves powerful questions.Reborning thecuriosity. By asking questions we will be able to find where we stand, where we want to be and how to get there. 

What are the powerful questions?

1.     They are open questions starting with How, Who, When, Where, What, Which and Why. 

2.     The powerful questions are systemized in some order and aim at a particular result (i.e. finding alternatives, solutions, generating ideas, or other). 

Having in mind these two characteristics of the powerful questions, instead of the time consuming and useless trial-and-error method, we can equip ourselves with the newborn very powerful tool, able to transform our lives for the best - Transformika Coaching Cards

Using the Coaching Cards is very simple. They can be used at home, at work, at a Café or while traveling. All you need are the Cards, pen and paper. Writing is highly recommendable for achieving higher results as when you put your thoughts on paper, first you free yourself from them, and second it helps organizing and expressing them much better. 

The set of Cards contains 32 cards of systemized, powerful questions on life or professional topics. Each card represents a mini questions session aiming to facilitate us in the process of moving us forward towards our goals and/or desires. One card has one leading questions and 10 supporting questions. The questions are divided into 3 main parts: 

1.    Exploration – this is the leading question and the consequent 4 questions. They aim at researching the topic, problem or challenge and making sure that this is the exact theme to tackle. Only when we know in detail what we are dealing with and this is the right topic, we will be able to move forward.

2.    Idea generation (brainstorming) –we move forward to generate solutions, ideas and options leading in the desired direction. Even while we work on investigating out theme, the brain unconsciously starts working of solutions (this is what the brain is good at). But sometimes, our brain still needs processing time. For that we have created two additional Joker Cards with more than 20 special questions to support us into switching points of view and generating ideas/solutions. There are still some rules to brainstorming that are essential and you will certainly find them in Transformika Coaching Cards. 

3.    Step forward and commitment – to complete the process and to really move forward, even with one step towards our goals/problem solving or idea generation, we need to choose an action, to determine the first step, to set a deadline in doing it, and a manner to stay motivated. Here is also the place, where we investigate if there is something that may sabotage us and create a strategy to deal with it. This is the most practical call-to-action part. After working with facts and information and releasing our imagination and creativity, with the last 5 questions we narrow down the process to a workable plan. Then we have to measure on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 is low and 10 is high) three things: 1. How strong is your intention; 2. How strong is your enthusiasm; 3. How strong is your commitment. If the answer on the first two questions is 7 or below – it has proven that you will not take the step/plan you have decided on. So, next step is to ask yourself “What will make the marks get higher”. 

Together with the Cards with systemized questions on 32 life and professional topics, in the set is included a bonus of 60 Coaching mantras.  Coaching mantra is what in psychology is called "positive affirmation". These are short and powerful sentences, which are used in a specific way to change or replace our negative believes with positive ones (i.e. – “I am not good enough” to be replaced with “I am perfect as I am"). They assist you to visualize, and believe in, what you’re aiming to bring to life and the positive change you desire.

To conclude, we are all born with the ability to ask the right questions, to be curious and to search for what is best for us. It is a gift, a skill that cannot be lost and with the help of good tools and practice it can be reborn to serve us to move to the next level of success and well-being. As Tony Robbins says “The difference between the successful people and the rest is that the successful people ask better questions and get better answers”. 

So, go ahead, start asking question and even more – start asking “better”, “powerful”, “open”, “systemized” questions and pursue the best you can become, with a little help from Transformika Coaching Cards!

Start now at here and enjoy!

Author: Iana Avramova