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Black Friday or SMART Friday

Iana Avramova

It is a Black Friday but we, at Transformika Cards, like to call it a SMART Friday for three reasons:

First, because YOU are smart!

Second, because the Transformika Cards are smart. Books, trainings or tools that can increase a person’s potential to become a happy, well-rounded and successful individual are smart! We guarantee that Transformika Cards can do it for and with you. They are a great tool to solve your daily challenges with, while having fun in the safe environment of your home, with your friends or at work.

Third, because Transformika Cards fully comply to the S.M.A.R.T. abbreviation. S from Specific - each card is clearly defined and covers a specific topic. M from Measurable - each card funnels a topic to a simple step to undertake and track your progress. A from Achievable - each card helps you set challenging, yet achievable goals. R from Relevant - each card facilitates setting goals that are relevant to your overall life plan and vision. T from Timely - each card tights up the set goals to realistic deadlines.

It is all done in a smooth, non-aggressive manner, only through a set of well-designed and systemised questions. Applied psychology for everyone. Transformika Cards can empower you to achieve the best change every day!

Get your Transformika Cards only now and on the 23, 24 & 25 of November 2018 with incredible discount.

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